Here are just a few of the products we supply and manufacture. To find out more about a specific product or if we can assist with a part or product please contact us.

DB / Inl Fltr Hood
Cooling Hood
Engine Hood
Cab Fabrication
Cover Door Latch
Cup Type Door Latch
Spring Type Door Latch
Butterfly Pipe Clamps
Various Pipe Clamps
Copper Buss Bars
Aux Gen Housing & Impellers
Compartment Door Latch
Door Lock Assembly
Vented and Non vented Valves
Air, Fuel and Oil Filters
Wheel Set or Loose Parts
AR10's or Aux Gens
MU & Hydraulic Pipes
Brake Blocks
DC Traction Motors
Air or Vacuum Compressors
HVC / MEC Parts
Locomotive & Passenger Seats
Copper Fittings