Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions

Services Overview

  • Repairs, re-manufacturing and maintenance of rolling stock
  • Development and upgrade of maintenance capability and facilities
  • Bogie refurbishment and wheel profiling (factory and on-site)
  • Drive and control system upgrades
  • Electrical system upgrade
  • Technology development & Asset management system
  • Vacuum-on-demand toilet systems
  • Track construction and maintenance
  • Training of diesel electrical loco drivers and technical staff
  • Part sourcing
  • Design & manufacturing capability

Control System Upgrades

  • Design and manufacturing of customized Locomotive Control Systems with intuitive driver’s interface and touch-screen capabilities.
  • They can be fitted to any existing locomotive and can perform/improve the following functions and more:
    • Traction/excitation control (with the ability to do field shunt)
    • Wheel-slip control resulting in improved traction and reduced wheel, rail and traction motor damage.
      • Traction motor protection
      • Engine protection
      • Self diagnostic and maintenance interface
      • Dynamic braking
      • Vigilance

Fleet Management Systems

  • Design technology based solution to specific needs.
  • Asset Management Service technology solutions tailored to the customer’s specific needs.
  • The key features include:
    • Live monitoring of the locomotives main parameters such as speed, brake pressures, fuel consumption, temperatures, shock on axles, engine parameters etc.
    • Locomotive tracking
    • Event recording that can be customized to customer’s needs with remote data access and crash-proof capabilities.
    • Specific alarms can be configured and a text message sent when triggered.
  • Can be fitted to any type of locomotive and any size fleet.

Asset Management Systems

  • Real-time Asset Tracking of
    major components on
    locomotives including
    removal, repairs and fitting:
  • Car body
  • Bogies and wheels
  • Traction motors
  • Alternator/generator
  • Compressor
  • Control cabinets etc.
Design and Manufacturing Capability

• Re-manufacturing of aging rolling stock
• Upgrading of maintenance facilities
• Re-engineering of spares to reduce life cycle costs
• Consultancy
• Design and manufacturing capabilities

Part Sourcing

• Ability to source non-OEM parts manufactured in South Africa to original OEM specifications.
• Ability to source, network and deliver as per specification.
• Our clear understanding of clients' requirements.
• Technical support and root cause failure analysis.
• See Parts Profile

Rolling Stock Maintenance

• Maintenance of diesel electric locomotives.
• Category A, B, C and D interval planning and scheduling.
• Skilled diesel electric fitters.
• Parts stores and supply chain.
• Availability metrics -availability and reliability.
• Asset part movements and management in the fleet.

Repair and Rebuild of Rolling Stock

  • Focus primarily on GE and EMD engines.
  • Complete engine rebuild.
  • Traction motor and main generator rewind.
  • Complete locomotive rebuild in customers premises.
  • New upgraded control and brake system.
  • Knowledge of supply chain